Enhanced transport quality to meet our customers’ needs

What can we do so that fragile merchandise maintains its quality during transport? The HINO 700 Series is loaded with a broad range of technologies designed to enhance “transport quality”—technologies that have been developed with the success of our customers’ businesses in mind. The air suspensions on these trucks help absorb vibrations from road bumps that can be a major cause of cargo collapse and damage. With flexibility and good rigidity, the taper-leaf suspension helps deliver both vibration absorption and durability. Using different variations of these suspensions, the HINO 700 Series comes in a variety of model variations that have been designed with our customers’ needs in mind for various road conditions and operating environments and what the truck will be transporting. Some models come with a height control system for adjusting the height of the rear body, which makes cargo loading and unloading easier for the driver and hence helps reduce cargo damage during loading and unloading. As needs for high-quality transport are increasing in modern logistics, the HINO 700 Series aims to deliver good transport quality that our customers can have confidence in.


















The reason why this truck delivers powerful driving performance, durability, and reliability

Is it too much to ask for good fuel efficiency, low emissions, powerful driving performance, and durability in a heavy-duty truck? We don’t think so. With the HINO 700 Series, we have aimed to meet these needs. One of the development goals we have set for ourselves was that the truck should deliver good performance under harsh operating conditions. HINO has conducted studies of various operating conditions around the world. Additionally, we gathered trucks that have been on the road under various conditions for 1-1.5 million kilometers and studied them. We then derived vehicular and performance specs based on these data, and conducted various tests throughout the development process. The reason that every single part in the HINO 700 Series contributes to delivering high durability and powerful driving performance while achieving low emissions and good fuel efficiency is, we believe, the no-compromise spirit and technological capabilities that go into the development of our trucks. Another reason is the after-sales service system that comes with our trucks, which aims to give you peace of mind in operating your trucks for years to come.






















Their body- building capability is the result of our pursuit of customizability

Our aim is to design trucks that are suitable for a diverse range of individual customer needs around the world. One area where this concept that we have set for the HINO 700 Series is clearly evident is its flexible body-building. In order to accommodate the needs of our users, the HINO 700 Series has been designed with the aim of efficient body-building in local countries. Because components and units such as suspensions, axles, brakes, and fuel tanks have been modularized, they can be put together in different combinations to create chassis layouts that match different body-building configurations. Additionally, the HINO 700 Series’ engine, chassis, and body have been designed aiming for lighter weight and hence greater loading capacity while retaining high levels of strength and rigidity. What will you carry? What kind of body do you plan to build to carry it in? The HINO 700 Series is designed to have the flexibility to accommodate these needs and evolve into a truck suitable for your business.

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