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Fashionable Design

Fashionable Design

Extension Boundary Interconnection

Extension Boundary Interconnection

Fashionable Design

Comfortable Operation

Cell Phone Full Screen Mapping

Cell Phone Full Screen Mapping


Projection-type black headlamp

The Strength of Sports: Contrast Color Interior

TIGGO 2 adopts contrast color sports interior, of which the colors are from the orange red of the volcanic lava and the black of volcanic ash. The internal classic exists in its individuality.

From the Secret in the Letter of “CHERY” Brand

The headlights, LED DRL (Daytime Running Light) and taillights of TIGGO 2 all adopt “C” shape design elements. These typical “identity” car body appearance design elements are the same with luxury brand in nature, which can both highlight the brand’s connotation and reflect the brand’s individuality.

Projection-type black headlamp
Projection-type black headlamp

Racing Level Sports Kit

TIGGO 2 is equipped with aerodynamic kit at front/side/tail parts of the car, which locates below the front bumper, at the lowest part of the car side and tail. Meanwhile, it is also equipped with sporty rear wing at the car’s tail part, which can ensure the tail’s “air turbulence” get guidance and control when it is at high speed, as well as ensure the car is stable when it is at high speed.



Integration of Power and Beauty 
Integrated Door Handle + Self-Luminous 3D Dashboard

Originated from the creative design of ice hockey club, the design of door handle and self-luminous dashboard red needle of TIGGO 2 adopts this kind of design, which makes the vehicle’s local details full of sporty feel. It is the designer’s deep insight about vehicle and human nature.

Projection-type black headlamp
Projection-type black headlamp

Integrated Central Control Instrument Desk

TIGGO 2 adopts integrated design central control instrument desk, of which the inspiration is from the waterfalls in nature. It makes the central control desk and the dashboard integrate naturally, though the two independent configurations have no intersection originally. It removes the mechanical rigidity, and brings you a sense of life in nature.

Flexible and Practical SUV Space

Wheelbase: 2555mm
Trunk space: 420L
4/6 folding integrated fold down seats
21 individualized storage spaces .

Projection-type black headlamp
Projection-type black headlamp

CHERY’s “Artisan Spirit”

Apart from cooperating with parts suppliers of world top 500, CHERY also has world top full automatic production equipment and international standard advanced factory. It also cooperates with Jaguar UK and Land Rover UK to manufacture Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles in China. TIGGO 2’s durability and reliability of finished vehicle, system and parts in the process of performance development are fully verified, including structural durability test, high speed test, alpine-cold test, wading test, high temperature highland test and other strict development verifications; the total validation is on more than 200 finished vehicles, and the accumulated mileage is about 1.1 million km, which ensures the problems of design and production can be found in time and solved before coming out as well as provides high quality products for users. This is the "artisan spirit" of CHERY.



Engine/Gearbox/Fuel Consumption

1.5L VVT China best 10 engine
4AT transmission
Super large oil tank 50L
Ultra low fuel consumption 5.9L/100km
Ultra long endurance: 800 kilometers

Projection-type black headlamp
Projection-type black headlamp

Extraordinary Trafficability

Super high ground clearance: 186mm
Approach angle: 24°
Departure angle: 32°
Minimum turning radius: 5.25m



HHC Ramp Assist System

When the driver meets some large slope ramps in the city or meets some hill slopes outdoors, the car moves forward again after interruption, then vehicle sliding is sometimes inevitable. TIGGO 2 is equipped with HHC ramp assist system, which can provide a 2-second brake for braking and provide valuable time for driver’s safe driving.

Projection-type black headlamp
Projection-type black headlamp

ESC Car Body Stable Electronic Control System

As a matter of fact, the gravity center of SUV is relatively higher due to higher ground clearance. Therefore, the centripetal force of the car body is even greater when cornering. And the vehicle may lose control when changing lines due to avoiding obstacles in daily driving, thus causing greater danger. TIGGO 2 is equipped with ESC, which can reduce risk in cornering and enhance fun.

Speeding Alarm System

Unconsciously the speed is faster and faster, the driver's attention may be taken or the vehicle cannot shift smoothly. These problems can frequently happen in driving. TIGGO 2 is equipped with speeding alarm system, which can set speed reminder freely at 40-130km/h and make driving safe.

Projection-type black headlamp
Projection-type black headlamp

TPMS Digital Display Tire Pressure Monitoring System

TIGGO 2 is equipped with TPMS digital display tire pressure monitoring system, which can monitor the vehicle tire state automatically in real time. It can make an alert through dashboard when the temperature and pressure of tire are abnormal, ensuring safe driving.

Reverse Radar + Reverse Image 
(with Dynamic Auxiliary Line)

The reverse radar is applied to detect the distance from obstacles at the rear of vehicle, and the reverse image can be applied to help driver observe pedestrians, vehicles, even pets at the rear of vehicle. The two can make up for each other, more accurate, and the reverse image which is equipped with dynamic auxiliary line can tell you how to park your car more easily.

Projection-type black headlamp



Low Odor and Low Emission 
Environment-Friendly Interior Space

TIGGO 2’s interior space adopts a lot of environment-friendly material techniques, conducts the interior air quality monitoring from every phase of parts, system and finished vehicle, creates a high quality environment-friendly space of green, environment-friendly and low odor, and cares for you and your family’s health

Projection-type black headlamp
Projection-type black headlamp

Cell Phone Full Screen Mapping

TIGGO 2 is equipped with intelligent vehicle mounted system, which has cell phone full screen mapping function, and it is compatible with the currently used Android system and IOS system. The APPs we like in our cell phones can be connected through USB and mapped to the 8 inches large screen. The operation of APPs can be operated by both cell phone and screen.

8 Inches Capacitive Touch HD Screen

TIGGO 2 vehicle mounted intelligent system is equipped with 8 inches capacitive touch HD screen. Capacitive screen: it is consistent with today’s most advanced smartphone screen, which has accurate operation and high sensitivity. HD screen: it supports 1080P HD picture and video player, which makes the world in the car clearer.

Projection-type black headlamp
Projection-type black headlamp

USB Connects the Vehicle Mounted System

TIGGO 2 vehicle mounted intelligent system supports USB interface connection. Large capacity storage: it means that you can use vehicle mounted USB interface to connect large capacity USB flash drive and mobile hard disk drive, and store a lot of lossless high quality music and HD movies in the USB flash drive and mobile hard disk drive. The rich entertainment program in the car can improve the entertainment experience in the car. Multi-format compatibility: TIGGO 2’s vehicle mounted system can support almost all the mainstream documents, pictures, music and video formats.

Ink Black
Clear Blue
Coloured Coppery
Dolphin Gray
Dazzling Orange
Elegant Red
Chery White
Orange & Dark Interior
Orange & Dark Interior
Blue & Dark Interior
Blue & Dark Interior
Engine1.5 VVT1.5 VVT
Max Output (HP/ rpm)105 / 6000105 / 6000
Max Torque (Nm/rpm)135 / 2750135 / 2750
Max Speed( Km/h)160160
Drive TrainFront Wheel driveFront Wheel drive
Transmission4 AT4 AT
Fuel Tank Capacity (Liters)5050
Front Airbags (Driver & Passenger)YesYes
Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)YesYes
Electronic Stability Program (ESP)YesYes
Front Seatbelts with Pretensioners and Load LimitersYesYes
Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD)YesYes
Child Safety LocksYesYes
Rear Parking sensorYesYes
Rear Camera NoYes
Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)YesYes
USB Port /Radio YesYes
Audio System with 8" Screen + BluetoothNoYes
Mobile mapping NoYes
Speaker System 44
Cruise ControlYesYes
Driver seat 6- way adjustmentYesYes
Leather wrapped steering wheelNoYes
Multifunction steering wheelYesYes
LED Day time running lamp YesYes
Halogen headlampYesYes
LED daytime running lampYesYes
Power adjustable side mirror YesYes
Rear fog lamps YesYes
Aluminium Alloy Wheels16"17"
Overall length (mm)42004200
Overall width (mm)17601760
Overall height (mm)16511651
Wheelbase (mm)25102510
Overall height (mm)15701570
Wheel base 25552555
Kerb Weight (Kg)12451245
Installment Calculator
Monthly Payment(EMI): 0 BHD



Building No. 4018, Road No. 469,
Block No. 604, Al-Qarya.
Post Box No. 3044
Tel : (+973) 17 736 222
Fax: (+973) 17 736 669
Opening Hours:
8.00 AM to 7.00 PM


Building No. 1266, Road No. 4130,
Block No. 921, Sanad – Buhair.
Post Box No. 3044
Tel : (+973) 17 621 162
Fax: (+973) 17 626 933
Opening Hours:
8.00 AM to 7.00 PM



Building No. 1489, Road No. 2630,
Block No. 626, Nuwaidrat,
Sh.Jaber Subah Highway, Sitra
Tel: (+973) 17 702 111
Fax: (+973) 17 702 704
Opening Hours:
Saturday – Thursday:
8:30am-5:00pm and
8:00pm – 11:00pm


Ma'ameer – Service

Building 22, Road 15, Block 635, Ma’ameer
Tel: (+973) 17 702 121
Fax: (+973) 17 701 551
Opening Hours (Commercial):
Sat-Thu 7:00am - 5:00pm

Opening Hours (Passenger):
Saturday – Thursday from 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Parts Ma'ameer

Building 551, Road 3417, Block 634, Ma’ameer
Tel: (+973) 17 706 050
Fax: (+973) 17 264 996
Opening Hours:
Sat-Thu 8:00am - 5:00pm

Motorcity Parts Salmabad

Building 1051, Road 419, Block 704, Salmabad
Tel: (+973) 17 141 179
Fax: (+973) 17 879 190
Opening Hours:
Sat-Thu 8:00am - 5:00pm

Motorcity Parts Muharraq

Building 1239, Road 10, Block 215, Muharraq
Tel: (+973) 17 330 111
Fax: (+973) 17 340 140
Opening Hours:
Sat-Thu 8:00am - 5:00pm


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