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Naro MathDoe
Projection-type black headlamp

Projection-type black headlamps are imposing and elegant, characterized by multilayered inner divisions. Since the low-beam irradiation distance is adjustable, the headlamps may adapt to different road conditions easily, adding to the design practicability. Also, individualized headlamp eyelid design leads the tendency of fashion.

Auro Navanth
Double ridges

Two concave lines, which extend from the grille to the engine cover and take on stronger visual impact. When the vehicle drives at high speed,they will divert the air flow onto both sides of the vehicle head, benefiting the control over the wind noise.

Auro Navanth
Chrome-plated door handle

Curve type design is elegant and decent, facilitating the opening operation. Chrome-plated trims guard against collision at the time of door operation, so as to protect the car paint.

klavan schmuck
Front fog lamp

Large-area black fog lamp zone plus projection-type circular front fog lamp provide the vehicles ahead with good warning effect if the visibility is poor in rainy and foggy days or at night. Upper LED daytime running lamp enhances the vehicle’s identification degree and lowers the accident probability.

Paul Doe
Outside power rearview mirror

Outside rearview mirror provides the drivers with a wide range of rearview angle and enhances the driving safety. When the vehicle is making a turn, turning lamp on the rearview mirror will be activated,warning vehicles around about current vehicle’s driving state.


Naro MathDoe
Human engineering seats

Optimum ride comfort seat design with double-deck foam, 6 direction adjustment, PUMP heighten adjustment and French diplonema sewing technique.

Auro Navanth
Eagle-eye style double-barrel multifunctional dashboard

Double barrel-type design,legible instrument,with moist and textured delicate scale in orange-red glow.

Auro Navanth
Style for interior design

Cool black interior design reflects sports style; Light interior design shows comfortable home style.

klavan schmuck
Turn signal lamp integrated outside rearview mirror

Use LED bulbs as turn signal light with quick light up.

Paul Doe
German Bentler Chassis set-up

German Bentler do chassis set-up service for luxury car such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Porsche. It makes ARRIZO 5 have excellent chassis featuring precision steering, comfort riding, stable and strong driving with anti-rolling capability.

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